Tune In & Trust Yourself

Whether through your upbringing, circumstances or societal pressures over time you may have stopped trusting yourself.

You've stopped listening to what your body sensations are telling you.

You avoid your gut feelings, leading you to even more stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

When you are in a state of high stress or frustration is can often inhibit your ability to discern from your anxiety or your intuition.

Sound Familiar?

Through the techniques and practices that I will teach you in this workshop you'll learn to tune in, trust and strengthen your intuition over time.

You'll discover untapped resources within that will guide you to what feels good for you.

You'll tune in and connect to your body.

In this workshop you'll uncover the beauty, magic and joy that's already inside you waiting for you to listen.

The Breakdown:

Clear the noise

Discover tools that allow you to be still and block out the inner and outer noise.

Tune in

Unlock the body sensations and vehicles that your intuition is already speaking to you.


Experience a guided meditation that will unarm your ego and allow your intuition to come forth.

I'm Ready To Tune In