There's a NEW WAVE of leaders ⭐️ who are ready to answer the call of their SOUL


Are you ONE of them!?

☁️ ✨ Have you heard the inner whispers of your soul guiding you?

☁️✨ Are you receiving internal nudges to change, MUTATE and transform aspects of your daily life, business, relationships, or projects?

☁️ ✨ Do you feel ready to TURN UP the dial of your SOUL FREQUENCY?

Are you BEING called to BE?

A CONSCIOUS LEADER ⭐️ ready to make ripples and waves of change on the planet?

A HEALER ❤️‍🩹 helping folks break generational cycles and build new foundations of inner peace?

An INTUITIVE 🔮 sharing of their spiritual gifts to connect others to their soul, ancestors, and the universe?

A GUIDE 🪄 showing people new ways of being and paths they can take?

A SAGE 🍄 spreading your wisdom and changing hearts all around the world?

An ACTIVIST 📣 crusading for justice in the pockets and corners of the broken systems of society?

A COACH 🦋 providing transformational guidance and support?

A SOUL ENTREPRENEUR 🦄 who liberates themselves and others through the solutions and products you create?


Activate Your

You have Soul Gifts that are ready to come ALL the way online and be used to make a BIG IMPACT. You are pulled to help your community or the collective at large in ways you aren't even aware of!

Share Your

You are here to share your Soul Story, messages, and offerings with heart coherence. When you do the right people will be inspired and activated by your words.

Viscerally Know Your

Get to know your soul on an intimate level. Through the body, you'll begin to viscerally understand what is meant for your soul and what doesn't resonate.


In this group immersion, you'll be guided through your Human Design chart and unlock your unique soul code and gifts.

You'll get access to my course


A galactic journey through the Human Design gates.

7 Weekly Group Calls

Every Thursday at 2:00 pm PST starting 2/16/23

Voxer Access

Tuesday - Friday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm PST.

You'll have access to ask me and the group members any questions, celebrate wins or ask for support.

Worksheet + Soul Assignments

Together we will uncover your planet placements and break down these main areas in

your Human Design chart:

Week 1 | Soul Gifts

Week 2 | Soul Path

Week 3 | Soul Themes

Week 4 | Soul Attractors

Week 5 | Soul Action

Week 6 | Soul Growth

Week 7 | Soul Expansion

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What's the call schedule?

Every Thursday for 7 weeks starting 2/16/23 at 2:00 pm PST

Week 1 | 2/16 - Soul Gifts

Week 2 | 2/23 - Soul Path

Week 3 | 3/2 - Soul Themes

Week 4 | 3/9 - Soul Attractors

Week 5 | 3/16 - Soul Action

Week 6 | 3/23 - Soul Growth

Week 7 | 3/30 - Soul Expansion

What if I can't make some or any of the calls?

All replays will be uploaded to Teachable, and you can watch them at your convenience.

In addition, you'll have access to Voxer and can ask the group questions or share your reflections from the week.

Where will the weekly calls be held?

All calls will be held on Zoom, recorded, and uploaded to Teachable.

What if I'm new to Human Design and need to get my chart information?

You can pull your chart on My Body Graph for free using your birthdate, time, and location.

My course Navi(gate)tion will give you a ton of information to get you started!

Each week on our calls, we will dive into a few areas of your chart so that your soul can integrate the wisdom.

Have additional questions?
Email Shannon at [email protected]