Course Includes:

  • Over 12 mini video + audio modules

  • Journal prompts to uncover your feelings + emotions throughout the transition into motherhood

  • Pre & Postnatal wellness techniques

  • Worksheets for communicating with your partner

  • Self-care tips to fill up your emotional tank

  • Bonus meditation that you can use on the go to check in with yourself

Hey Mama! 

We are so excited to get this course in your hands and help you through your transformation into your new role, MOTHER. As mothers ourselves we found that there are 3 major shifts that occur during pregnancy through the first few years of motherhood. 

Each of us bringing our own expertise we put together all the tools and concepts that we wish we had and what has been helping our clients. 

Many books and classes focus to prepare you to take care of baby but very rarely does anything prepare you for the huge identity shift that you face internally about yourself, your body or your relationships. 

We want to support YOU mama, we want you to be more prepared than we were and for more womxn to feel comfortable talking about the realness of what it FEELS like to go through this major life transformation.

Morphing into Motherhood was created by mamas for mamas. Our hope is to help as many mothers as possible so please share with anyone in your life who might benefit. 


The Rebel Soul Mama 

Shannon McAlister

Identity + positive parenting coach, empowering moms to live an intentional life they love!

Courtney Durando

Pre and postnatal fitness specialist guiding mamas to connect to their body through various stages of motherhood.

Michelle Purta

Life + Marriage Coach, helping moms LOVE their life and marriage again!

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As a community we will support, inspire and lift each other up through our transformation into our new role; Mother.

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  • Online resources for navigating motherhood.

  • Monthly guest speakers and live workshops!

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