You are out of this world! You are a celestial being sent to have a Human Experience.

You have a unique way that you...

Process information mentally

Receive inspiration

Speak & communicate

Identify with yourself & path in life

Use your willpower

Handle your emotions

Feel your creative energy

Experience intuitive nudges

Navigate adrenalized pressure

In Human Design, there are 9 centers

Head Center - Mental processing

Ajna - Inspiration

Throat - Communication

Identity Center - Life Direction

Ego/Heart - Willpower

Solar Plexus - Emotions

Sacral - Creative Energy

Spleen - Health & Intuition

Root - Adrenalized Pressure

From open to undefined to defined centers each Human Being has a unique switch board that helps fuel our Soul Gifts.

Knowing how your switchboard works will literally change the way you live, work, love, relate, and build those visions that flood from your heart.

With each Open/Undefined Center comes a not-self theme and reflection question that will allow you to tune in and check if you are taking on other people's energy.

Each Defined Center will point to where you have consistent access to that center's energy and your innate talents and strengths.

This reading is for you if....

You feel like you constantly take on the thoughts, opinions, or beliefs of others. It doesn't FEEL like your thoughts belong to you, and sometimes you swear you are a mindreader.

You might have an Open/Undefined Center. You'll learn to navigate this energy with more playfulness and curiosity.

You feel like you always want to SPEAK but others don't seem to hear you or understand what you are saying.

You might have an Open/Undefined Throat Center. You'll learn to FEEL in your body when you have the correct energy to share your wisdom.

You always feel like you are in a rush and pressured to finish tasks as quickly as possible.

You might have an Open/Undefined Root Center. You'll learn to feel the pressure and not make a story around it in your mind.

What's Included Your Session

60-minute Aura Reading, where I walk you through your energy type, strategy, authority, and profile lines in Human Design.

Audio Recording of your session sent via email.

Session notes that include your Open/Undefined Center Questions, Not-Self Themes, Defined Center Gifts & Strengths.

The opportunity to ask questions about your Human Design chart.

Sessions are $333

Before your session...

Please fill out the form below to help guide your Human Design session. You will then be prompted to pay $333. Your confirmation email will include a link to schedule your reading.

Frequently Asked Question

Will I get a recording after?

Yes, within 48 hours I'll email you the audio file of our session.

How do I schedule my appointment?

After filling out the form and purchasing your reading - you will receive a confirmation email. Click "Schedule My Reading" at the bottom of the page. You can select the day and time that works for you.

Current time slots are

6:00 am - 8:00 am PST and

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm PST

Monday - Friday.

If those days and times don't work for you, send me an email with three days and times that work for you, and I'll get you scheduled!

Do I get notes from my session?

Absolutely! In addition to the audio recording, I also include my chart notes so you will have your soul signature, not self-theme, and tips for tuning into your soul-led decision-making process.